• Kate Pogmore

Musical Treasure Chest

As I'm sure every teacher finds, there are always those few pupils who never seem to practice! I understand that children are often very busy with numerous activities a week, but in their 20/30 minute lesson with me each week they aren't going to become a musician, (sorry it just doesn't work like that!) they need to practice at home.

Not practising is something I often struggle to understand, as I was always playing instruments (and still do) whenever I get chance....when I was younger it was never a chore, and I certainly was never told to practice by my parents.

As a teacher it is frustrating teaching children that don't practice. You find yourself repeating the same thing week after week.

Ok, so thats' the rant over, how can I change this??...

I am on a determined effort to resolve this problem and hopefully encourage some of my pupils to enjoy practicing regularly.

Pupils have all been given a practice chart, where they have clear expectations for their practice, and room to mark down how many minutes they do each day. Once they have completed a weeks practice, they will get a sticker. After 5 consecutive weeks of practice they can choose a treat form the Musical Treasure Chest....easy peasy! :-)

I suppose this is bribing children into practicing....but I'm hoping that they will see their own progress through practice, and this will help establish a routine.

Watch this space...lets see how it goes! :-)


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