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Why have lessons?

This is something I've been thinking about and people often ask me. Why should you pay for lessons when there are lots of free tutorials out there, or you could just get the book and teach yourself! We all have busy schedules now and want to make the use of our time most effectively....and of course learn to play a new instrument as quickly as we can!😃...here are a few things I think are most beneficial from having a REAL teacher

🎶 Regular lessons encourage practice and give you something to work towards. We all have the best intentions to learn something new in our spare time, but often when left to our own devices 'life' just gets in the way! Whether your lessons in person or online, having a regular lesson will help you make progress.

🎶 Are real lessons are better than YouTube tutorials? This is something I'm often asked. YouTube is a fantastic tool, and is great to listen to lots of different people playing. However, the main thing you don't get is feedback! When having lessons with a teacher they will quickly help you develop the right techniques on your instrument.

🎶 Play with a Professional Having lessons gives you the opportunity to listen to someone playing your instrument live, whether it's just a section of a piece you've been working on or playing a duet or piano accompaniment.

These are just some of my thoughts, I'd be insterested to hear if anyone else has some ideas on this. I think the main benefit from real music lessons is interaction. After all, that's what music is all about!


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