Music Theory

As a teacher over the years I have learnt how much pupils often dread doing music theory! The books get hidden or 'lost'...I've heard it all!


 However, once your practical playing reaches Grade 5 it is such a shame not to continue to Grade 6 (but you need to do Grade 5 theory!)

Working through a little theory every week will help build up your knowledge gradually....then it's not a big deal! :-)

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I recommend to all my pupils to work through the Music Theory for Young Musicians workbooks, they're fantastic! Although they say for Young Musicians, they're perfect for all ages. (Click the pictures for links to buy)

"During Quarantine I passed my Grade 5 virtual Music theory exam by taking online lessons with Kate! She gave me the right tools and methods to progress through the theory books and always found away to make things clear even without face to face tuition. I would highly recommend her and her teaching techniques."  

How can I help you?

I have helped many pupils progress with music theory through online learning.

It's simple....

  1. You do the work

  2. Email a copy to me (just make sure it's clear to read)

  3. I'll mark it within 24 hours, with feedback and  suggestions to help secure knowledge 

You pay for the marking time...

30 minutes - £15

60 minutes - £30

With every batch of marked work I will let you know the remaining balance of time you have left.

Purchased time is valid for 1 month.

Please do get in touch if would like to find out more.

​ Terms and Conditions

  • Payment for marking must be made in advance, via UK bank transfer. (please email for bank details)

  • I aim for all marked work to be returned to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends, public holidays and some school holidays). 

  • Limited to 1 hour of work per person per working day

  • Refunds for marking services already provided cannot be issued. 

  • Marking services purchased are vaild for 1 calendar month. 

  • You will be advised of your remaining balance of time with your marked work.