"The children come and sit with Kate straight away. The whole session is calm, interactive and engaging." (Special Needs School, Derbyshire)
"Each session is personalised to pupils interests and abilites. Engagement levels soar through the roof!" (Special Needs School, Derbyshire)
"It was fantastic to see how calm and relaxed the class were (PMLD) It was quite emotional!" (Nurse, Special Needs School, Derbyshire)
"Pupils look forward to the sessions and are fully engaged." (Special Needs School, Derbyshire)
Music in Health Practitioner

I deliver interactive and engaging music sessions in a variety of healthcare settings and special needs schools. I have recently completed a years training with OPUS Music CIC working on the children's wards at Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield.

On a regular basis I visit care homes, visiting residents in thier own lounges and rooms making a musical offering. I work particularly with the elderly with dementia, and the connection music makes really is quite remarkable.

I also offer music sessions for people with special educational needs in special schools and in private 1:1 sessions. These sessions are adapted to suit the needs and abilities of each individual. The impact music has on people with special needs is quite amazing, and often helps aide communication and behaviour.


I would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about how my music in health sessions could benefit your care home or school.