Making Music Lessons Fresh and Fun! :)

Recently I've been experimenting with various ideas to keep my lessons fresh and most importantly fun! There are lots of apps out there that are really useful, and the kids do love playing an iPad "game"...but are they really as good as a tactile 'real' thing?? It all depends on the learner, but there is a lot still to be said for a real game that pupils have to do something. Hmmm...I never stop learning how to help other learn, watch this space for more ideas!

Adapt and Inspire! - April Practice Competition

The March mInutes has been a huge success. Most pupils have really got on board, and it is noticeable by their improvement! Some pupils that very rarely practiced at all have really begun to get into a routine of practicing, and are enjoy learning more as they can see the progress :-) However, I know these things won't last for ever, and it's important to keep everything fresh and exciting, so I've decided to change our competition a little for April to keep everyone enthusiastic and engaged. Lets see how April goes...