🎶Music Practice!🎶

Yesterday, I seemed to have a lot of pupils who hadn’t practiced.😫 As a teacher this is frustrating as you can spend week after week going over the same things with little progress (sorry, rant over!) Anyway, I have one pupil who obviously does practice ALOT! So I asked her; “How much do you practice each week?” “Oh I don’t! (At this I was quite puzzled!) I just play the piano lots because I love to play” 😊🎶❤️

Bassoon Trials!

We’ve had a busy evening at Lady Manners School instrument trial evening. This is such a fantastic event, with every instrument out for children to come and try! Exciting to see quite a few potential bassoonists too😁🎶🎶🤞🏻

Online Music Lessons @ Kate Pogmore Music

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