Uplifting music...

A couple of weeks ago I visited a new care home and I have thought about my visit often over these few weeks, so thought I'd share my experience and feelings. It's always slightly awkward visiting a new home, not only meeting the staff and residents, but making sure we are all on the same page. "I'm not an entertainer, so please don't worry about getting residents into the lounge. I will take my time to wander about the home, making musical offerings to people who would like them." I went along with one of the members of staff to a residents room. "He's not been feeling too great," she said, " he hasn't come out of his room for a few days now." Without being intrusive I began to play in the


I'm so pleased that Thea got a Merit for her Grade 6 Clarinet exam! :-) ....not to mention she played on a borrowed clarinet as some awful person thought they'd break into their car and steal hers just 3 weeks before her exam. I think she's done fantastic considering! :-)

I now teach dogs too!!

Check out my Facebook page for my Dixie girls rendition of Stranger on the the Shore! She likes a good sing :-) www.facebook.com/katejacksonmusic/

Typical British Summer!

So after 10 days in sunny Spain, we return to a typical British summers day! Great! Lovely to get home and play my clarinet...I realise how much I miss it when away.